System X over System Y: Part 0

Blind Dice 004How many game systems are exactly what you want?

None would be my guess.

I love D and D and have since the early 80s. Yet, I have always hated the magic system. Spell slots are bullshit, sorry 5e.  Ditto for spell components for anything you would want to cast in combat. You get the point. Every system has something in the mechanics that sucks or doesn’t make sense. There’s great stuff in most systems too, I’m not a monster.

I’m looking for the best system run a game in and maybe publish game world into it. The system might exist, it might not.

I’m going to write about pros and cons of game mechanics. Maybe others will comment and we’ll have a great discussion. If not, I’ll use this as an exercise to draw my own conclusions and go from there. I might identify an ideal system, or I’ll I have a new perfect system in mind, ready to be created.

What is makes a great gaming system? Mechanics that make sense and a fun to play.

I’ve played a number of systems including Dungeons and Dragons(all but 4E), GURPS, Rifts/Palladium, Torg, Cyberpunk, Champions, TFOS, Mistborn and Old World of Darkness.

I have some familiarity with Savage Worlds, Fate, Cortex, Fantasy Age and Mutants and Master Minds.

Topics to be included:

  • Armor
  • Hit Points
  • Combat (Contested or not)
  • Character creation
  • Skills
  • Character Statics and Saves
  • Magic/Psi etc
  • Feats/Advantages
  • Classes
  • Alignments/Disads
  • Points or RNG
  • Dice, Dice Baby

4 responses to “System X over System Y: Part 0

  1. Me, I’ve always been partial to HERO, but I absolutely agree that there are… issues with it from a magic-system standpoint. I’ve never really run a magic system with it that I really liked, but I chanced across a concept that I’d love to protest.

    • I’ve played Hero once, likely with you, but it was a long time ago. I seem to remember a lot of charts to refer to.

      • Don’t think it was with me… By the time we’d met, I’d been spoiled by LARPing, and I haven’t run a successful campaign for more than a few months since… 😦

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