System X over Y Part 3.5 Stats pt 2


I never did actually state the stats that I find the most useful. Here’s the list, the names aren’t final, but should get the point across






Mental Endurance.





Ten is the final number. Next will be how those stats form the over-all frame work of our heroes.


2 responses to “System X over Y Part 3.5 Stats pt 2

  1. Out of curiosity, what are the definitions for these attributes? Some of them are (apparently) pretty obvious (STR, DEX, CON, IQ, PER) while others (WIS, ME, WP, SP and CHA) could be interpreted a bunch of different ways… 😀

    • Wisdom: Will have element carried over from D & D and common sense from any number of games. It will likely lose its magical tie in.
      Mental Endurance: This is mental equivalent of Constitution
      Willpower: As I write, this it occurs to me, that this should be a calculated stat.
      Spirit: This will control magical forces and physic powers
      Charisma: Pretty much social stat, without a magical tie in.

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