Point Buy for Palladium


Both Pathfinder and D&D have a frame work. Since Palladium Stats are roughly re-skins of old school D&D, it is a good place to start. Tiers of play in are mentioned, low powered 10, High Fantasy 20, but this is Rifts, go big or go home as my kids tell me, so how about 25 points?

Assume 3d6 as Adventurer Norm. This is elves, humans, dwarves, etc.

Attributes start at 11.

If chosen race has a different d6 value in an attribute, the chart below:

  • 1d6: Start at 4
  • 2d6: Start at 7
  • 3d6: Start at 11
  • 4d6: Start at 14
  • 5d6: Start at 18
  • 6d6: Start at 21

Without skills or augmentation, hero maximum is 30 on the dice rolling way per Adventurer Norm.  Or Max result on number of dice +12. A six dice stat could start with a 48, but would require the lowering a stat or two.

Spend one point to move an attribute up. Get a point back to move it down.

Example: Someone at adventurer norm, who wanted a 30 in something.

Start Final Cost
IQ 11 14 3
MA 11 11 0
ME 11 8 -3
PS 11 30 19
PP 11 11 0
PE 11 15 4
Spd 11 13 2
Total 25


*Example includes my thought of eliminating PB in favor of a stronger MA.

This is before adding physical skills, so your mileage may vary. First stab at it with zero play testing. GM could certainly do levels as well. 20,25 or 30 points.

House rule, sure but is it workable?


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