Magic the Gathering: Playable by mere mortals?

I’ve played MTG since 1995, almost exclusively online. Magic has always felt pay to win. Since that time I’ve learned a few things.

  1. There are too many fricking cards.
  2.  Rare or Mythic cards can cost serious money.  Enough to fill a deck is expensive.
  3. Real people (like adult with bills) cannot hope to buy enough to be competitive.
  4. To add insult to your cost, those cards are only played in the standard format for a limited time.

My Solution:

Pick a block or mix and match from a few sets, doesn’t matter which, but write them down and everyone will use that.

Pauper: Commons only. Low cash outlay

This creates a limited pool of cards and those cards should cost pennies. (For the most part anyway.)

Your playing group can have it own unique metagame and no one is out hundreds.  Additionally, you can play, wait for it…in person!

As a format, this could probably use a fancy name.

Quick brainstorm:

Copper Commons

Paper Penny

Wooden Nickel

Now to somehow force my friends to build a deck.


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